Paul Henry is larger than life

In Paul Henry's home, there is no getting away from Paul Henry. Need to jot down a note? Here's a piece of paper with his face on it. Open the cupboard and pull out a mug printed with his mug. Pass the study and he leers at you from a giant bowling skittle. On a coffee table, his face grins up from the front page of a women's magazine.

Here he is again in the lounge, a glass of pinot noir in his hand. This is the real version - at least, the one Paul Henry wants to present in this interview, which is, for him, a chance to garner publicity for his new cross-platform show on RadioLive and TV3.

On the set of his show, four pop-art Henrys line the wall. Henry, Henry, Henry, Henry. There's another Henry plastered in the guest waiting area, for selfies.

I visited the set. I'm in Henry's house. I brought this on myself. But nobody is safe. From April 7, Paul Henry will be on your radio, your television, and streaming live on the internet. You could watch him on multiple devices all at once. There is no escape.


(image: Random House)