A new, crush-free Judith Collins

One day, not so long ago, Judith Collins decided it was time to abandon the crazy pretence that she was some kind of combative, car-crushing, pistol-wielding hardass who'd pick a fight as soon as look at you, and who believed that "if you can't be loved, best be feared".

What a plight. She was trapped inside a caricature of herself. Playing up to it had been a bit of fun at first, but over time other people had started taking it seriously, and that was unfortunate. Throughout the year, the cartoon villain was beset by scandals and missteps until Dirty Politics delivered the coup de grace.

She retreated to her beloved electorate of Papakura, reflected upon the nature of pride, and upon letting things go, then made a decision: she's not going to be that caricature any more. A new chapter has begun.