Best in Show

“It might be his last show,” Janet says. “Oh. Why’s that?”

Janet bites her bottom lip. She can’t speak. “He has cancer,” Len says.

“Oh,” the Cattledog lady says. “Oooh. But you’re so nice. So nice.”

“It’s not fair,” Janet chokes.

The lady kneels in front of Marley. Wraps her arms around his neck. “Oh, Marley. You’re such a dear boy. You really are.” She nuzzles his neck. “Good luck, Marley. Do it for us. Do it for the Working.”

One in seven. He’s in this. And his chances have just soared with the news that Eddie, the all-conquering Staffie, has been knocked out of his group. Scuttled by a Scott Terrier. It’s anyone’s game now.