From Rust to Ruins: One Man's True Detective Pilgrimage

Ben Stanley embarks on a True Detective pilgrimage, visiting the most famous Louisiana sites from the first season.

Pensive but mystically lucid, Rust Cohle looks up from a half-empty Lone Star, and considers his answer. Two detectives stare him down in a cigarette smoke-filled New Orleans cop station room. 

They’ve been bailing up Rust – everyone’s favourite burnout philosopher-detective – for hours; convinced he’s involved in a series of murders that link back to when he was on the force two decades before.

It’s a scene that weaves a constant thread through the first glorious season of True Detective. In this particular episode, Rust – Matt McConaughey at the dawn of the McConaissance – was meant to address a question about the death of meth cook Reggie Ledoux. But our bleak hero – who’d be a real bummer to invite to a backyard barbie – never wastes an opportunity to opine the futility of human existence:

“They saw in that last nano-second, what they were,” he says, talking about a murder victim’s last moments.