John Campbell: After the fall

“When I was a kid,” he said, “I used to get the DB Cricket Annual, and I would analyse every player, what their weakness was, what their average score was, and I would pick my 1st XI. I was about nine years old. I would shuffle the team around, cross people out and put new people in, and then finally I would have my XI ready to go. Listed on a piece of paper.”
What did you do with it?
“Well, what I would do is go out in the backyard and throw the ball against the wall, and I would be them. All the players. I would have entire games.”
By yourself?
But you’re not an only child.
“No, but my sister is six and a half years younger than me. So she was useless.”
Is that harsh?
“I love her to bits but she was useless. Really, it was a most exciting time. And all I had was a piece of paper. My new job, you know, it feels like that now."