Paritutu: 'I knew there was trouble'

The details will come eventually. They cannot change the fatal fact that Spotswood College student Stephen Kahukaka-Gedye, a popular 17-year-old New Plymouth boy with one brother and two sisters, was swept off Paritutu and into the sea in front of his friend Campbell Shaw.

Moments before or after, Brazilian exchange student Felipe Melo, 17, who, on the eve of his planned return home one month before had convinced his parents to let him stay in New Zealand, was also torn from the rock.

The pair had been with two other boys metres ahead of the main party and their instructor Bryce Jourdain, 42, who had moved his wife and two young children to Taranaki from Tauranga 18 months earlier.

As the leader of the group, Jourdain rushed to reach the two isolated boys.