Pollen pioneer Dallas Mildenhall - using nature's sex spores to crack crime

Forensic scientists shouldn't become emotionally involved in the crimes they're investigating, but he couldn't help it. He'd walked the beach Kirsa had ridden on Commodore. He'd visited the last place anyone saw her. He knew then that this was a field he had to learn more about.

More than 30 years and 300 cases later, Mildenhall was sitting in his Lower Hutt office, eyes glued to the microscope, looking for clues to another death. This time it was Christchurch prostitute Mellory Manning and again the police case had stalled. His hair was whiter and flightier and the wisdom of three decades had allowed him some emotional detachment.

But in all his thousands of hours poring over slides of plant sex spores he had never seen anything like this.