Why renters won’t complain about landlords

For two summers, Emma* worked for a “very big, very well-known” property management company, processing applications from prospective tenants. As well as the usual credit and reference checks, she would also, as a matter of course, search their names in the decisions database on the Tenancy Tribunal’s website. If she found an order, she was instructed to print it out, attach it to the file, and bring it to the attention of the property manager.
Early on, she asked if she needed to do that if it was the tenant who had brought the landlord to the tribunal. “I thought if there’s been a crappy landlord and the tenant’s taken them to the tribunal, that shouldn’t be relevant. I said that to my bosses and they universally came back and said, ‘We still want to know about it because it will tell us if they’re going to be a difficult tenant.’”